360° Training & Consultancy

VR Evangelists and VR life learning Education

At the forefront of the Belgian and Spanish #VR market, Poolpio’s professionnals  provide training in 360° motion captures, editing and Motion design.

Poolpio’s experts  focus  first on quality of the stitching and the power of the story.


360° videos is a new medium where everything is to be created but has to  use the best of  standard filming techniques and history.

High quality motion pictures stories  combined to high quality sound creations are the key to  fully immersive experience bringing your public or your client  at the heart of the story.

We advise professionnal in the cultural sector, NGO’s and private companies as well as architects to use this new plateform in the best possible way.

We work on set-upping  hardware and infrastructure  to implement  inside your company or your project the best VR experience.

We are now consulted  by  engineers and schools.