Mixed realities & VR In Real life

Keep track with the real life

  • Poolpio  sets up mixed reality installations for  VR courses,  cultural or marketing events.

Our set- ups  allows you to film and record the whole experience integrating  the user inside its VR environment.

From Graffiti, plastic art to  3D painting vr experiences,  we organize VR immersive experiences for you.


We create VR stories hand in hand from beginning to end

  • We follow you every step of the way from creation to publication.

We are consulting on you future 360° and vr projects  motion picture or interactive. We are evangelists. We will assist you in creating the next best vr story. Do’s and don’t, technical support as well directing  support for you  immersive adventure.


  • We organise “EXPERIENCE”

CINEMA GALERIES, UGC Belgium, screen.brussels, and Poolpio – Immersive Contents Agency – create the first virtual reality festival (VR) of Belgium!


Virtual Reality is a set of technologies (programs, components, terminals) to give the viewer the impression of being “elsewhere” in another place, in another time, surrounded by objects or characters which do not exist. The viewer is no longer facing a screen, watching a movie. It is literally immersed in the film or the simulation.

Through different proposals the Experience festival will offer the public the opportunity to experience these new uses and to explore the emerging generation of virtual reality movies. With audiovisual professionals and filmmakers, it is also the occasion to discuss the challenges of this new sector of the artistic point of view but also in terms of production and distribution.

VR is not just a movie or a video game viewed in a helmet. It is a new audiovisual media with its own language and its own expression format. The aim of this new festival is to share a content developed by independent artists.


  • Cinema and festival organisation
  • VR festival
  • VR Lab
  • Fundraising
  • Oculus Rift and Gear VR shop publishing