Virtual tour of the Belgian Space Pole

  • Date: December 2020
  • Client:  Belgian Federal Science Policy Office & Royal Meteorological Institute
  • Project Type: 360° motion picture & interactive VR application

About this Project

Client’s ObjectiveVirtual and interactive tour or the Royal Meteorological Institute as well as the space pole in Brussels.
Creation of a 360° virtual story through the creation of elements in space and the big bang.

Technologies: 360° animation / Graphic designs / VFX

Our solution

The main nucleosynthetic processes to produce the chemical elements of the periodic table are detailed.

The goals are to explain the production of the chemical elements in stars , to reach a typical audience 12+ and adults.

Duration: 7-8 minutes.

Points to focus on: Scientific content (EOS focused input required), Visual (EOS focused input required), Gaming experience / Rendering / Interactivity (best at section 6) or rather directivity?

The result

Royal Meteorological Institute virtual tour & and VR story about the big bang. 

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