We Are Poolpio
We foresee & oversee every step of VR film production

An office in Belgium and one in Spain. We are busy all over Europe.

We Are Poolpio
We create experiences that transform brands.

We help to grow businesses

We Are Poolpio
We create tailor made 360° videos & immersive contents.

Tell us what you want to show!

We Are Poolpio – What We Do

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch & perfectionism.

360° Stereoscopic Motion Pictures
Crafting the best 360° movie experience ever

The 360° technology offers an additional depth to motion pictures stories, transforming brand and movies market a truly immersive experience.

360° Live Streaming
The world right here & right now !

You can add a virtual seat in your stadium for a football match, become a virtual member of the public, the sixth musician of a famous band live on stage with our live solutions. Book a 360° live stream with us!

360° Motion Design
FX Integration and augmented reality

Integrate State of the Art CGI contents to your virtual environment . Architecture plans, multi cams, multi 2D screens, transitions, Poolpio makes it possible.

We build #VR rigs
360° & steroscopic custom #vr Rigs

Our studio provides guidance and technical support in the creation of Immersive motion capture rigs. Poolpio build custom rigs for high-end cameras for your specific VR cinema needs.

Mocap Development & VR Programing
Web design and code

We prototype and develop VR plateforms and video players for VR experiences with ambisonic and spatialized sounds. We implement Motion Capture into VR environments.

Mixed realities & VR Cinema & VR Consultancy
Making VR events a VIP experience

We organize pop-up VR cinema for you event or your team building activity. We can provide 10 to 15 seats for a great immersive cinema experience. Poolpio works as #vr consultant for your project in order to make your immersive story worth your investment.

A simulated new frontier that can evoke a grandiosity recalling the Age of Exploration or the Wild West.” – Jaron Lanier.

We craft, we produce and fine-tune  high quality contents to enhance your story.
We give life to your brand.

We bring the public at the hart of your event.

Our Team with 360 Ideas

Interdisciplinary teams with high expectations. Design, prototyping & producing from day one.

  • Jean-Louis Decoster

Jean-Louis Decoster
Art Director/Co-Founder

Jean-Louis has been recording all the events that mattered in Brussels. He is Poolpio’s motion design ninja.

  • Wim Forceville

Wim Forceville
VR Producer & Lector LUCA School of Arts

Wim producesHigh Quality Virtual Reality experiences with societal relevance. #socialVR

  • Oscar Corrons

Oscar Corrons
VR Producer Spain

Based in Valencia -Spain, Oscar is running Poolpio España office alongside NOPFilms production company.

  • Boris Walravens

Boris Walravens
CGI & Motion Design expert

Boris is Poolpio’s founder and CGI magician. He is TV professionnal. Cinema 4D, video compositing & 3D implementation are his thing

  • Johanne Ide

Johanne Ide
Sales Manager

Johanne’s PR creative stroke brought her to unexpected experiences where she grew up along with the full-services communication skills

  • Edith Herregods

Edith Herregods
Sound Engineer

Edith helps Poolpio collecting and creating the best spatialized sound for interactive and linear Immersive content..

  • Hervé Verloes

Hervé Verloes
VR Producer

Hervé is a new generation journalist. “Almost” born with the web, he digs deep down the rabbit hole to build immersive experiences

  • Caroline Bordecq

Caroline Bordecq
Project Manager

Caroline will help your VR project every step of the way. Caroline is an experienced journalist and a talented storyteller.

  • Mateusz Kukulka

Mateusz Kukulka
Community Manager

Mateusz is passionate about connecting people both IRL & in the Metaverse.

VR Definition:
A twenty-first century art form that will weave together the three great twentieth-century arts: cinema, jazz, and programming –
Jaron Lanier

Thanks to VR, you’ll be able to make your client experience, discuss, interact and surprise with your newest products or services.



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VR immersions

Truly immersive content



In the past, when you watched videos, you had to follow the point of view of the director. Today, using 360° technology, we are able to deliver immersive video that lets you choose what you want to see. 

With your smartphone and YouTube, a simple Google Cardboard, or the latest Samsung Gear, you can turn around and look anywhere you want into videos.

Test it yourself! If you have installed the latest version of YouTube on your smartphone or use Google Chrome on desktop, you will be able to move around and look at the band or the public having fun.

We Are Poolpio
Making The Experience Fully Immersive

We create  tailor made 360° videos and immersive contents. We foresee and oversee all step of VR film production all over Europe. We have offices in Brussels, Belgium and Valencia, Spain.

We create immersive motion pictures contents, from news, documentary, fiction to  B2B 360° video projects.

We are building up the first VR Arena in Belgium. A temple for VR experimentations and leisure.

We organise your VR event with google cardboards, VR gears and syncing applications for the best cinema VR experience possible.

We use multiple high-end cameras to capture the reality around the story, from action cams to studio cinema devices

We develop our own rigs to combine the best that exists regarding audiovisual gears.

We provide 360° live coverage of your concert, your conference or any other event worth being live 360°

Take a Look at
Some of Our Work

Wide range of successful 360° & Virtual Reality Projects.

360° Motion Pictures
Live & Events
  • Brussels Little planet
  • Las fallas
  • Dan Late Show RTBF
  • Ghent Flagship 360
  • Elche
  • Izal 360
Izal Music (ES)

IZAL ofrece un baile de realidad virtual gracias a Poolpio. A rousing experience!

Izal Music (ES)


It is fantastic. It feels like floating in the air


Emmanuel Petit - Tase

We are glad to collaborate on Building Information Modelling with the Poolpio team.

Emmanuel Petit - Tase

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