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We foresee & oversee every step of VR film production

We Are Poolpio
The Belgian leader in Cinematic Virtual Reality

We Are Poolpio – What We Do

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch & perfectionism.

360° Stereoscopic Cinematic Motion Pictures

The 360° technology offers an additional depth to motion pictures stories, transforming brand and stories in a truly immersive experience.

360° Live Streaming

You can add a virtual seat in your stadium for a football match, become a virtual member of the public, the sixth musician of a famous band live on stage with our live solutions. Book a 360° live stream with us!

360° Motion Design

Integrate State of the Art CGI contents to your virtual environment . Architecture plans, multi cams, multi 2D screens, transitions, Poolpio makes it possible.

We build #VR rigs

Our studio provides guidance and technical support in the creation of Immersive motion capture rigs. Poolpio build custom rigs for high-end cameras for your specific VR cinema needs.

Mocap Development & VR Programing

We prototype and develop VR plateforms and video players for VR experiences with ambisonic and spatialized sounds. We implement Motion Capture into VR environments.

Mixed realities & VR Cinema & VR Consultancy

We organize pop-up VR cinema for you event or your team building activity. We can provide 10 to 15 seats for a great immersive cinema experience. Poolpio works as #vr consultant for your project in order to make your immersive story worth your investment.

A simulated new frontier that can evoke a grandiosity recalling the Age of Exploration or the Wild West.” – Jaron Lanier. 


We craft, we produce and fine-tune  high quality contents to enhance your story.

We bring the public at the heart of your story.

Our Team with 360 Ideas

  • Jean-Louis Decoster

Jean-Louis Decoster
Art & Events Director

Jean-Louis is Poolpio’s founder. He has been covering all the events that mattered in Brussels. He is Poolpio’s video & motion design ninja.

  • Edith Herregods

Edith Herregods
360° Sound Engineer

Edith helps Poolpio collecting and creating the best spatialized sound for interactive and linear Immersive content..

  • Camille Jeanjean

Camille Jeanjean
Freelance New media Author

Journalist freelance and production assistant for new medias

  • Boris Walravens

Boris Walravens
VR CGI & VFX Director

Boris is Poolpio’s founder and CGI magician. He is TV professionnal. Cinema 4D, video compositing & 3D implementation are his thing

  • Wim Forceville

Wim Forceville
VR Producer

Wim produces High Quality Virtual Reality experiences with social relevance #socialVR. He is also lecturer LUCA School of Arts / Gent.

  • Valentin Duron

Valentin Duron
VR Cinema operator

He will ease your first VR experience and help dig deeper to the rabbit hole. #VRcompanion

  • Jennifer Hartiel

Jennifer Hartiel
3D Artist

Jenni creates characters and animations in 3D to add a bit of dream to your movie. Animated 3D, Textures and Mocap character creator

  • Caroline Bordecq

Caroline Bordecq
Project Manager

Caroline will help your VR project every step of the way. Caroline is an experienced journalist and a talented storyteller.

  • Mariana Cadenas

Mariana Cadenas
Freelance VR Author

Visual storyteller, trying to understand the World through human connections.

  • Hervé Verloes

Hervé Verloes
VR Production Director

Hervé is a new generation journalist. “Almost” born with the web, he digs deep down the rabbit hole to build immersive experiences

  • Oscar Corrons

Oscar Corrons
VR Producer Spain

Based in Valencia -Spain, Oscar is running Poolpio España office alongside NOPFilms production company.

A twenty-first century art form that will weave together the three great twentieth-century arts: cinema, jazz, and programming – Jaron Lanier

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