360° Production & VFX Post production

The immersive technology of 360° video is the next big thing in marketing.

This cutting edge savoir faire allows you to create a bubble of your universe.

360° filming

Poolpio uses several camera systems to produce the best possible cinematic image for your movie, advertisement, interactive experience or VR companion.

We have custom builds for high end cinematic shooting and easy stitching systems for lower end projects.

This allows us to provide DoPs and directors the best technical and artistic assistance they could imagine for their VR fiction and B2B high-end productions.


We provide VFX – ready stitched footages in high resolution, codecs and bitrate for a seamless VFX workflow.

Our agency works with talented VR developers and programmers capable of giving life to your most creative VR projects.

360° Product Showcase

Amaze your clients with a high-quality 360° video showing your company’s assets. Demonstrate your products’ quality and their features.

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Increase Brand Exposure


Fully Interactive

Add graphics & videos

360° Interactive Training

Training your staff in an interactive virtual environment means allowing them to face any work situation imaginable. This considerably boosts their confidence and efficiency.

Accurate virtual work environments

Real-life situations

Up to 90% higher retention rate

Cut logistical costs

360° cinematic videos

Choose to give your productions the visual impact they deserve. Adapting cinema standards to 360° movies, we explore thrilling new ways to tell your stories.

Stunning 8k stereoscopic visuals

360° virtual tours


Interactive 360° video based content

3D 360° live streaming

360° 3D motion graphics 

3D 360° graphics can be used in any 360° video to deliver messages. It helps visualize concepts through the use of 3D objects, special effects and animation techniques.

360° Motion Graphics

360° effects

Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Interactive Anchors

360° Spatial Audio

Spatialized 360 audio mimics the way we hear sound in the real world. It helps to direct the attention of the viewers towards the main elements of the story and makes the experience more immersive.

360° spatialization


11.1 surround mixing

Immersive sound design


Voice over