Virtual Production

Creativity set free

Shoot cinema-quality videos with 3D environment and characters.

Enjoy real-time control and visualization of the production.

The whole idea is to simply replicate what you might do with a live action camera, but in a virtual environment. 

Plotting these elements in real-time lends itself to a more efficient workflow without multiple recreations of assets and going back and forth. 

The platform makes use of a combination of immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality as well as CGI and game-engine technologies, allowing filmmakers to “see their scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set”.


  • The popularity of VFX-heavy genres and recent virtual production breakthroughs
  • Increasing accessibility and jockeying between game engines and studios

Why is virtual production gaining momentum?

Directors and VFX professionals will define virtual production slightly differently; however, at its core, virtual production is modern content creation that incorporates VFX earlier and leverages technology throughout the entire production life cycle to enhance the way content is created.

Virtual production can enhance production planning, increase shooting efficiency, and reduce the number of expensive reshoots.


  • Competition between streaming platforms and film studios

  • COVID-19, physical production, and avoiding a “content desert”

Motion capture

In our motion capture studios, visualize your actors being transformed into CGI characters or creatures in real time. The 3D and VFX teams adjust the details in post-production.

Virtual cameras and environments

Real-time 3D rendering


Accurate capture of the performance

Volumetric depth capture

Digitalize any 3 dimensional space, object or character to edit and use them in your projects. This technique applies to buildings, actors, products and can be used in many fields.


Fast and efficient

Full control over the asset


Usable in any production

Real Time Backdrops

Using the Unreal gaming engine to create and display your 3D environments on a LED backdrop, produce any kind of content in real time, from realistic commercials to science fiction in outer space. 

Highly reduces production time

Shoot anything, anytime


Complete control over lighting and backgrounds

Broadcast virtual studios

Amazing virtual backdrops are not only for the weather guy anymore. Enhance your broadcast content with real-time animated environments, landscapes, infographics, and characters.

Real-time information compositing

Motion graphics and effects

Live broadcasts