Our Solutions

Virtual Reality

Giving someone a VR headset is giving them infinite possibilities.

Inside the VR, you can look everywhere and travel to any place you desire. If that place already exists, we film it in 360°. If it doesn’t, our 3D artists create it for you. 

This means the possibilities and applications are endless, from a 360° tour of a company to a travel in outer space!

Discover places as if you were there

Filmed in 360° or created in 3D

Accessible in a VR headset or from any device

Augmented Reality

Reality made better

By simply looking through VR glasses, a headset or a simple smartphone or tablet, an AR app recognizes your environment and adds virtual objects and information on top your reality. Augmented reality brings a whole new layer to life, allowing you to interact directly with virtual content generated right before your eyes.

3D objects appear before your eyes

Interact with the added virtual elements

Easy to use on any smartphone, tablet or VR headsets

MR Immersive

When VR enters the physical world.

It allows you to visualize and interact directly with virtual content implanted in your own reality through a VR headset, smartphone or tablet. This can go from a simple 3D skull for medicine students to a complete virtual construction site with which architects can interact.

Virtual environments implemented in reality

Fully interactive experiences

This generation’s most advanced and hands-on technology

VR Training

Train easily, efficiently and safely.

It is not always easy to train your staff efficiently and thoroughly for all their tasks. VR Training allows your employees to experience any real-life work situation in a safe virtual environment. Even from home. In situations like the COVID-19 crisis, being able to train new employees or teach new skills to your current employees remotely is essential to prepare the economic recovery.

Boost your staff’s skills and confidence

Cut recurrent logistical costs and risks

Up to 90% higher retention rates

Virtual Events and VR Worlds

VR and AR for Conferences and Sales Empowerment

Being able to participate remotely in events, conferences and fairs helps both the environment and to respect social restrictions (like during the Covid-19 crisis).

Let us create your virtual world and guide your clients through an unforgettable immersive and interactive experience.

Hold virtual conferences and trade fairs where participants can travel from one room to the other, follow lectures and discuss with one another just like in the real world.

Events and conferences in beautiful virtual worlds

Social interaction between participants

Easy to use from any smartphone, tablet or computer

For Who? 


Offer a virtual reality visit of your premises to customers, clients, or future employees. 

Create an AR app dedicated to your showcasing your products and services. 

Train your staff to a wide range of skills with a greater retention rate and lower logistic costs.


Train your workers to use any machine, cutting the logistical cost, the risks, and improving the learning efficiency by up to 90%.

Recreate your working environments in 3D for the world to promote your activities or your sector.


Train your staff to react faster in emergency situations without risking humans lives. 

Provide accurate simulations of daily operations for nurses, doctors, surgeons and other medical staff.

Give access to interactive 3D models of the human anatomy with AR and XR learning tools for medicine students.


Generate brand awareness by presenting your products, services or your company in a VR experience.

Allow your customers to discover all features and advantages of your new product on their smartphone in an elegant AR app. 

Enjoy unlimited virtual space without the logistical expenses and the environmental footprint.

40 % of people who experienced a product in AR are ready to pay more for it.