Terms and Conditions for rental services

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General terms and conditions of rental of Cinematic VR-making equipment and accessories

These general terms and conditions are an integral part of each rental contract and govern the rights and obligations of the parties.


The company Poolpio sprl that gives the equipment for hire, is the lessor, and is referred to here below as «Poolpio». The natural or legal person that hires the equipment is referred to here below as the « client ».Order:

Each rental of equipment shall be the object of an order form describing the equipment and the period for which it is made available. This order form is established on the basis of a request for an offer addressed to Poolpio. To be executed, every order must be confirmed by Poolpio. Any cancelling of an order 48 hours before the client has to take the equipment or at the beginning of our work where the film is shot, will be invoiced at 50% of the total rent cost.


The invoices are issued based on the order form. They are payable in cash. Any late payment can be increased by legal interest of 2% of the amount due per 30 days of delay.


An option to hire equipment can be granted free of charge other than any costs associated therewith, for designated equipment and for a given amount of time, to be confirmed within a specified period. Poolpio can request confirmation of the option by an order form at any time. Should no confirmation be given within the specified period or in response to Poolpio’s request, the option is void.


the client becomes the legal guardian of the equipment given for hire as from the removal or shipment of that equipment, until the time it is returned to the Poolpio premises. It is up to the client to insure its liability for the custody and use thereof by an “all risks” insurance company of its choice, including, as a non-exhaustive list, civil liability, risk of theft, fire and material damage. When rental equipment (such as a dolly, underwater housing, crane … etc.) is combined with equipment belonging to the client or another party, (such as a camera, lens … etc.), the client remains liable for the prior tests and safe utilization of the rental equipment. The client maintains liability for custody and use, even in the event that a delegate of Poolpio provides technical assistance during the period of hire. In the event that, as a result of an agreement with the client, Poolpio takes charge of the delivery or recovers the equipment on hire at the client’s premises or an address indicated by the client, transport is nevertheless effected at the client’s cost and risk.
Under no circumstances can Poolpio be held liable for financial losses due to the non-availability of the equipment because of delayed delivery or because the equipment was damaged during the rental period. In addition, under this rental contract, Poolpio is required to make its best effort, not to provide a given result.
Consequently, under no circumstances can Poolpio be held liable for the result or absence of result of the visible record material on the gear used by the client.
Return of the rental equipment: at the end of the rental period, the equipment is returned to Poolpio in the same condition as when it was made available. Any damage will be invoiced to the client; it is up to the client to refer the matter to its insurance company. The cameras and magazines shall be returned emptied of film. If this is not the case, Poolpio cannot be held responsible for any deterioration, deletion or fogging that may result from handling the recorded material. Poolpio does not offer archiving services.

Loss and theft:

Equipment missing at the end of the rental period is invoiced at replacement value on that date. Mandatory indications: when the rental equipment is used for short or feature films, the client undertakes to indicate « Film-making equipment Poolpio » on the distribution copies, along with the indications concerning the film, the VFX studio and the sound system.


In the event of a challenge or dispute arising from the execution or the interpretation of these general rental terms and conditions, the Commercial Courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

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