Grand départ, Tour de France 2019

  • Date: 2018
  • Client:
  • Project Type: 360° motion picture

About this Project

Client’s Objective : As the Tour de France was about to depart from Brussels, absolutely wanted a unique experience for their events related to the Tour.

Technologies: Shot in 360° 4K / Motion graphics / VFX

Our solution

Poolpio put a light 360° video rig on a cyclist within the peloton and filmed the whole ride. They added graphics and VFX such as speed of the cyclist, position on the step, name of the neighborhoods, famous building etc. Once the project was edited, they displayed the project (through Korai) in VR helmets while spectators were cycling on house bikes.

The result

For the event, spectators were enchanted to be able to live the first step of Tour de France as if they were there and on a real bike. Cycling legend Eddy Merckx event did the experience and was amazed by its quality. was also able to advertise the event online by publishing the video on their social media.

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