Jailbirds VR  (Chapter I,II,III)

  • Date: 2022
  • Client: Be Revolution – Digital Rise
  • Project Type: Real time 3D animation and RT Implementation

About this Project

Client’s Objective : JAILBIRDS takes place in a modern hell prison ruled by a vicious CHIEF WARDEN. But in this living nightmare one guy, FELIX. One tall, muscular gang member is always happy. Digital Rise asked Poolpio to provide animation services as well as compositing and optimization to the complete narrative experience.

Technologies: 3D animation and development within UnrealEngine 5

Our solution

The end result is 3 – 10 minutes stories completely in Virtual Reality while being 6DOF. 6DOF or six degrees of freedom, gives the user the freedom to walk around while the story is being told. This gives the user the best possible feeling of immersion possible.

The result

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was able to publish the video on different support to make it accessible to the population (social media, Youtube…). They organized an event with Oculus Go Headsets to present the project to citizens in an actual VR environment. All participants gave extremely positive feedback and were happy to visit places that would not be accessible to them in real life. 

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