Behind Brussels

  • Date: June 2018
  • Client: Brussels City
  • Project Type: Interactive XR

About this Project

Client’s Objective : Brussels City wanted to find a new way to amaze the tourists coming to the Grand Place.

Technologies: 360° 4K videos / 3D assets / Web content / Programming

Our solution

Poolpio went to film in 360° the EU institutions buildings and meeting rooms, creating a story that included all the information the Ministry wanted to appear whilst keeping the user entertained. The content includes interviews with Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders and President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy and takes the user to all the main places where important decisions are taken at the EU level. A voice over artist completed the project and guided the user through the experience.

The result

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was able to publish the video on different support to make it accessible to the population (social media, Youtube…). They organized an event with Oculus Go Headsets to present the project to citizens in an actual VR environment. All participants gave extremely positive feedback and were happy to visit places that would not be accessible to them in real life. 

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